How to Become a vendor on World Market?

World Market is an “auction-style” marketplace. Meaning, it only acts as an auction-house and facilitates trades between two parties.

Hence, obviously, any seller with the right products can start selling on World Market. In order to become a vendor, first, a normal buyer account must be created on World Market.

Also, you must deposit $150.00 on World Market before you can become a vendor. That’s the amount of vendor-fee the market demands. Make sure you make this deposit before proceeding further.

Once that’s done, it can be converted to a vendor account. Here’s how-

Step 1-> Buyers need to login to their accounts, and click on the “Become a Vendor” button on the top-bar.

Step 2-> Scroll to the bottom of the page, accept the terms and conditions and click on the pay button.

Done. Your account will be converted to a vendor account. You won’t be able to use this account for making purchases anymore.

You can also get a free Vendor-account on World Market if you’re a reputed seller on other marketplaces.