How to Enable 2-FA on World Market?

It’s of utmost importance that you secure your darknet market accounts. Because it’s not a wallet-less market, you probably will make deposits to the wallet. Hence, not securing the account may mean a loss of funds, misuse of account, cancellation of orders and in some cases even legal troubles. Enabling 2-FA will secure you against all of that.

Here’s how to enable 2-FA on World Market.

Step 1-> Click on your username (extreme top-right) and then click on “Settings”.

Step 2-> Click on the “Settings” tab, and then click on “Password and PIN”.

Step 3-> Scroll down on the next page till you see the “Enable 2-FA” option. Click on the “here” link that’s provided.

Step 4-> Now, simply paste your PGP key on the next page.

Again, be sure to generate a new key paid for World Market. Do not under any circumstances use any PGP key which you’ve used on any other marketplace.

Step 5-> On the next page, World Market will show you a PGP-encrypted message.

Decode this message using the PGP key you just saved on the market. Once done, paste the decoded message in the “code” box.

Step 6-> Go to your settings > Password and PIN page again. Scroll down, and click on “Enable 2-FA”.

Done! Your PGP just got updated on your World Market profile. Now, whenever you login, you’d need to decrypt a PGP-encrypted message.

We’ve also done a piece on how to remove 2-FA from World Market.